An Otter appears to thank God before tucking into meal

For this otter, meal time seems to be the most anticipated part of its day.
In fact, this hungry animal was so desperate for some food that it sought divine intervention to speed up the process.
With its hands clasped tightly together and its eyes closed, the otter appears to be deep in prayer shortly before it is given a fishy treat.

Bless this food: An otter clasps his hands together and closes his eyes in the Bois du Petit animal park in Switzerland before settling down for a fishy treat                   

Pictured inside the Bois du Petit Château animal park in Switzerland, the cheeky animal couldn't hold back his excitement at the thought of some food.
After noticing the Oriental small-clawed otter pulling the amusing pose, Swiss photographer, Emmanuel Keller, couldn't resist catching the moment on camera.

Emmanuel, 36, said: 'I took the picture shortly before they were due to be fed so they knew that food was coming.
'They were very excited about it and I noticed that the otter kept making this praying position, it obviously couldn't wait for lunch time.
'It looked to me as if it was whispering its prayers before its meal, so I knew I had to get a photograph.
'I was laughing a lot when I looked back on the pictures, its head is bowed, its hands are together and its eyes are closed, just like a real prayer.
'They really are amazing animals, they are cute, social, intelligent and have prehensile hands which they often use to play with little stones.'