[For my wish list] A Stylish Bicycle That Can Be Taken Apart, Fits Neatly Into A Round Backpack

A small Indian company called Lucid Design has come up with an ingenious conceptual "bike in a bag" which would be easy to assemble and ride away. According to the company, the bike would be assembled from a series of 21 parts that simply twist and lock together.

Much like a conventional bike, the frame would be made from hollow aluminium tubes and would attach to steel wheel hubs on the side. A leather seat and cork handlebar grips finish off the contemporary aesthetic.

According to Lucid Design's creative director, Amit Mirchandani, the idea is to make commuting much easier, as well as storing the bike in small city apartments and offices. "It's simple, minimal and cool, unlike folding bikes that tend to be complex," he said.

Despite receiving a Red Dot 2014 Design Award for the concept, the company currently have no plans to put the bike into production.

Lucid Design has created a gorgeous city bicycle, named “Kit Bike”, that can be easily taken apart and fits neatly into a custom round backpack for ease of storage and transport.

Made up of 21 parts that “simply twist and lock together”, this minimalist, lightweight bicycle has won a coveted Red Dot 2014 Design Award, and is meant to be an improvement from the often complex folding bikes.

Featuring a handsome leather seat and stylish cork handlebars grips, the Kit Bike is definitely a lovely way to get around the city. Unfortunately, its creators have no plans yet to put it into production—we do hope that they would consider doing so soon.

Watch a video about it here.

[via Bless This Stuff]

I love the simple and stylish design of this bike concept. Hope the company will have plan to put the bike into production and I would like to get one for my journey if it has an acceptable price somehow :)